Every week, we’re breaking down the 5 Key Strategies for a Successful Oil Show. 

This week, we discuss ‘Staff Training.’ Read on for 18 Training tips as you plan for this year’s Oil Show…or for any trade show or expo.

Staff Training

  1. Practice, practice, practice.
  2. Brief your team on common trade show espionage practices and how to defend against them.
  3. Give each booth staffer a specific role, with job expectations clearly spelled out.
  4. Stress the value of friendly greetings, polite manners, and appropriate body language.
  5. Take the time to familiarize your team with the lead collection technology you’ll be using before the trade show.
  6. Make sure at least some of the people going to the show are prepared to answer technical questions.
  7. Establish a dress code for your staffers: They’ll look more professional and act as better ambassadors for your company.
  8. Practice asking qualifying questions with your booth staffers.
  9. Product demonstrations are a great way to draw a crowd: Make sure your team knows how to give an effective, engaging presentation by having them practice before the trade show.
  10. If you are sponsoring entertainment, a speaker, or other event, make sure your team knows what to do during this time.
  11. Designate a ‘go-to’ person to act as a liaison with trade show management. The better your relationship with management is, the better your show experience will be.
  12. Read the exhibitor’s service manual it. It’s full of valuable information to help ensure a stress-free show.
  13. Establish a follow up protocol for hot leads, promising prospects, and likely customers. Use this protocol to turn leads into sales.
  14. Decide on your main message: make it a single, short sentence that’s memorable.
  15. Before the show, visit your booth as an attendee would.
  16. Arm your staffers with answers to common objections.
  17. Learn to more quickly disengage with unqualified attendees.
  18. Hold a contest to reward the staffers who take the highest quantity of qualified leads.

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Last week, we gave you the 5 Key Strategies for a Successful Oil Show. Each week, we’ll be breaking down those strategies.

This week, we discuss ‘Preparation.’ Read on for 32 Preparation tips as you plan for this year’s Oil Show…or for any trade show or expo.


  1. Give yourself enough time: Planning and preparation for a major trade show can take 12 to 18 months.
  2. Prepare 3-6 engaging questions before the show.
  3. Create a booth that makes visitors feel comfortable.
  4. Initiate preshow promotions.
  5. Set measurable goals for the show.
  6. Think neatness and visibility when putting your trade show displays together.
  7. Build the impression of demand into your trade show displays.
  8. Use a prize drawing or contest to get people to your booth.
  9. Make it easy for booth visitors to get information and make sure that you have plenty of promotional literature on hand.
  10. Be ready to do business.
  11. Send friendly, personable people with a genuine enthusiasm for your company, your products and your services.
  12. Research the trade show before you commit: Does it attract a large number of people from your target audience?
  13. Involve top management in the planning process: You’ll get better results from your team if they know upper management is supporting their efforts.
  14. Plan for security as needed: you don’t want expensive prototypes or demo models ‘walking away’.
  15. Send enough people to ensure adequate trade show booth coverage throughout the show.
  16. Order services ahead of time. Making deadlines = big savings.
  17. Have an inventory list. Informing the crew supervisor of case counts is critical for check-ins and out-bound bills of lading.
  18. Schedule a vendor presentation: Even if just 20 people come to your talk, that’s 20 people you get to talk to, in-depth, for 45 minutes.
  19. Pick your booth location wisely.
  20. Finish all the travel arrangements and make sure everyone has the itinerary.
  21. Set your booth apart from others.
  22. Set up meetings with qualified contacts, bloggers, existing customers, the competition, and vendors.
  23. Have an “everything box”: pens, stapler, tape, paper clips, scissors, Velcro, name tags, paper, business cards etc.
  24. Do not rely on the venue’s internet connection. Bring demos that do not require the internet.
  25. Have a raffle.
  26. Don’t exhibit at a new show: exhibit at proven shows.
  27. Add some greenery or fresh flowers.
  28. Use white Masonite flooring to reflect light onto your booth.
  29. Invite Influencers and the press to your booth for special previews.
  30. Go green! Attendees & organizers do notice if you are ecologically conscience.
  31. Have shopping bags/folders available for any on the spot purchases.
  32. Put messages on your flooring.

Can we help you with this year’s Oil Show or any upcoming trade show or expo? Give us a call at 432.218.6736 or check out our website at www.sdbcreativegroup.com