Out here in West Texas, we have a car dealership that is known for its tacky approach to advertising. As a matter of fact, when we talk to potential clients, they always say, I just don’t want anything cheesy like the salesmen with the cars and circus animals.

So, why do we see those commercials continue to be made year after year? They must work… right?

Well, yes and no. They do work by getting the audience’s attention, but not necessarily the way the business owner would intend. It is often said that even bad publicity is good publicity, but no business really wants to have negative remarks made about their advertising. So why then, year after year, in every market in the country, are there dealership ads that sell cheese better than cars?

The truth is that it works. Unfortunalty, it is more effective to “ask for the sale” than to show beautiful cars going down picturesque roads. Those ads are easily forgotten, but the others are a little harder to forget, and as much as a consumer will say they hate to see those ads, everyone really wants a good deal.

Is there a way to have the same effect without the cheese? Absolutley! A well thought out campaign, with effective sales tactics can give your business the edge, without making your possible consumers cringe.

Bringing in customers and making more sales can be as easy as asking yourself 3 questions.

  • What’s Your Goal?
  • Who’s Your Target?
  • Are You Asking For the Sale?

Question 1: What’s Your Goal?

Although it’s a simple question, we are still surprised by the business owners who have no idea what they want their advertising to accomplish.

For example, if your goal is to focus on one area of your business and really make that particular area grow, a generic commercial with shots of your storefront may not be the best approach to reach that goal, and it’s usually is a waste of money. However, a campaign focused on the goals you set, will help guide your business in reaching more qualified prospects.

Question 2: Who’s Your Target?

Based on your goal above, what demographic will you target to make sure that your advertising message is directed at the right people?

We know you’re bombarded by media sales people day in and day out. While some of their products might be a good fit, others might not fit either #1 or #2. Don’t let those impulse decisions guide your end goal.

Think about the times when you go to the grocery store without a list. Do you always come out spending more money than you anticipated? Did you end up forgetting something? The answer to both questions is usually ‘YES.’ When you’ve identified your goal and then, identified your target, you will not only save money, but you’ll also be speaking to the right customers for your business.

Question 3: Are You ASKING for the SALE?

It seems like a no brainer, right? But again, it’s more often than not overlooked. If you’re selling widgets, make sure you include that you’re selling widgets in your message. Why do people need to come and see you? Because they need that widget. Let them know you have it.

Then, make sure your staff is trained and ready for clients to walk through the door, and, of course…they should (again) ask for sale!

While there are many people who ‘window shop,’ there’s a far better chance that they are in your store for a reason. They want something that you have and they found out you had it through some form of advertising. SELL THEM! CLOSE THEM! All you have to do is ask. Then, once you have their business, make sure to maintain that relationship by frequent contact and support.

By taking control of your message and making sure that it’s targeted to the right people, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make sales, which will then start to raise your bottom line.

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