What Does it Take to be #1?

September 4, 2012

A-1 Mobile Homes, A1 Lock and Key, AAA Mini Storage, A+Septic tank, what do these business have in common? They all named their business to be first in the phonebook. The statistics vary from one resource to another, but the truth was that most people would call the first name in a particular listing…you guessed it… FIRST. It is important to be among the FIRST and this was a really simple move by a business to make sure that customers called them, FIRST.

As I was driving down the street the other day with my 14 year old son, he asked me why one of the businesses mentioned above was named A-1 and I said, “To be first in the phone book!” He looked very puzzled and asked “why would that matter?” That is a valid question for him, because he has never had to look up anyone or any place in the phone book. He has only used a computer, but more realistically, his phone for information.

So that begs to question, how does a business get to be first now?
The answer lies in your website’s search engine optimization or how well your website is built to move you up in the list when someone searches for your business. Here are some signs your SEO is working for you.

The Phone is Ringing!
Has there been a marked increase in phone traffic? If you have been working on your SEO and you are generating more phone calls then most likely your efforts are working.

The Phone is Ringing and the call is a Legitimate lead!
Since, your SEO is targeting clients interested in your product or service, your phone is not only ringing but there are viable leads on the other end!

The phone is ringing, the lead is legit and there’s $ in your pocket!
Now that your target clients can find you, and you know who they are, the sales process is a breeze and there is money to be made.

Times have changed and your business is not limited to what the phone books have to offer. Get out there and be FIRST!


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