While packing my kids for camp, I couldn’t help but wonder how my parents felt getting me ready. I know they dropped me off and didn’t hear anything for 2 weeks. If our home phone rang, it was sure to be the camp nurse saying something had happened.

Today, as soon as I drop my campers off, I can go on-line and look through pictures with their smiling faces. I can see who they are hanging out with, what their counselors are doing, or if they are wearing the clothes I carefully planned for the theme nights. Note to self: don’t bother with all the planning next summer. I can even use one of my mobile devices, if I am not at home to keep up to date.
When looking for the perfect camp for my children, the camp’s website was a deciding factor. Their website is fabulous, and shouts crazy fun along with a real sense that all the staff have common goal to keep your child safe, even on the zip-line, and happy while away from home. Features such as great pictures that tell the story even before reading any content and testimonials from past campers and parents of campers assured me that this was the best decision for our family.
Does your website reflect your business in a positive way? Your clients will make that decision in the first 60 seconds. Here some must have’s to make sure your website is working for your business.

Easy navigation:
Sure, it is important for your sight to look aesthetically pleasing, but it’s more important for it to be useful and easy to get around. When planning your navigation decide what you want your visitor to “do” on our site. Come to your store? Place an order? Call to speak to a customer service rep? Make your goals clear and easy to find.

Important Business Information:
Some businesses make the mistake of building a website for themselves and not considering what a customer may be looking for. Don’t neglect the basics like contact and location. Have you ever been on a site and not able to find the company phone number?

Social Media Integration:
There are so many social platforms out there. Promoting them on your website will help boost your SEO, improve your businesses presence on the social web and build your following across numerous platforms.

A Mobile Version:
Smartphones and tablets are driving an increasing amount of web traffic. We use our phones for everything; they’re our calendars, our libraries, our cameras, our computers and more. I even use mine as my morning alarm! In fact 91% of all Americans have their mobile device within reach 24/7.

Your company should have a full online presence that includes a mobile website to stay competitive today.