As Americans we hate to wait, but as a business owner people having to wait couldn’t pose a better opportunity. Our society is more mobile than ever. What does that mean for you? It means people are no longer in front of their PC’s.  A recent study revealed that Facebook ads generate 13 times more clicks than desk top ads.

As I write this I am sitting in a doctor’s office…WAITING.  6 out of the 8 people are on their cell phones, not talking, but searching, sharing and commenting.  The others that aren’t wish they too had a smart phone, as they squint to see the phone next to them.

If your business isn’t using social media you’re missing your best opportunity to capture your audience with a special offer, introduce a new service or product or keep your name top of mind with a quirky joke or picture.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the 2012 social media stats compiled by Edison Research.

  1. 47% of people polled say Facebook has the greatest impact on purchase behavior (up from 34% in 2011.)
  2.  From 2010-2012 the percentage of Americans following any brand on a social network has increased from 16% to 33%.
  3. 45-54 year olds are the fastest growing segment in social media.
  4. 54% of Facebookers access via mobile.
  5. Facebook is the most addicting social network.
  6. Twitter is grabbing more new customers.
  7. The overwhelming majority of new Twitter users are active tweeters.
  8. 22% use social networking sites several times per day.

So as someone who is seeking the attention of prospective customers, sit back and enjoy the benefit of having to wait because potential customers are WAITING too.

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You’re ready to advertise. You’ve got a slick new commercial or a snazzy print or online ad and you’re ready to rock and roll. Now what do you do?

When choosing placement for your advertising, there are a few factors that must be considered.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • When is that target audience more likely to see or hear your message?
  • How can you be sure they’re seeing your message?

WHO is Your Target Audience?

This is one of the first questions we ask any business owner…ever. If you don’t know who you’re catering to, then what’s the point? Being specific in knowing who your target demographic is will be extremely important when choosing a medium that will work for your ads.

If your target is women, can you be even more specific? What is their ideal age? What kind of lifestyles do they lead and is that important – stay-at-home-moms? Working women? College students?

If you’re selling a luxury item and looking for prospects, would they look more like men & women over 45, who’ve gone to college and live in an affluent neighborhood or more like crazy teenagers with no disposable income, living with mom and dad?

WHEN is That Target Audience More Likely to See or Hear Your Message?

Once you’ve determined who your specific demographic is, now you need to figure out when to advertise to them.

If you’re targeting stay-at-home-moms, you will probably stay away from advertising on radio, considering they are probably too haggard to listen, but you might consider advertising on television. And even more specifically, you might consider advertising on channels like Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network, simply because those are more than likely the channels they are watching. Online advertising might also be an option, considering many moms are connected to their computers when they get some free time.

Targeting working men? Consider advertising during the morning and afternoon rush hours. (We call those times drive times because most people are in their cars commuting to an office.) ESPN and any other cable sports network is also going to be a great medium for that demo. Live sporting events are also going to be huge for you!

Are you aiming for kids? Well, let’s just be honest, they don’t have any money. So, you’ll want to target their parents on family-friendly channels that those kids are also watching.

Let’s not forget about all of your online options, either! Options like Google AdWords & Facebook ads allow you to target extremely specific demographics directly through their platform. Whether you’re looking for men, women, kids, old, young, in-between, you can utilize online marketing to directly target those people, too.

How Can You Be Sure They’re Seeing Your Message?

While getting succinct, statistical information from traditional mediums is tough, you can still, internally, work to know if your advertising dollars are being spent wisely.

Are you asking every customer how they heard about you or your service? If you’re not, then you have absolutely NO idea where those leads are coming from. Most times, when people are buying something they need or want, they don’t voluntarily tell you that they heard or saw your commercial, so ASK THEM!

We’ve had clients who’ve told us that specific forms of advertising ‘just didn’t work’ for them. When we asked them why, they said, “Well, I spent all this money and nothing changed.” When we asked them if they tracked where those customers came from, they would tell us, “No.”

If you’re spending the money, then you also need to put in the work of asking every person who calls or walks through your front doors how they heard about your or how they got there. Now, I’m not saying to do it every single day of every single year, but if you’ve just started a campaign, you want to be sure you’re monitoring your progress.

(Unlike traditional mediums, online mediums offer instant tracking and analysis. If you’re not seeing the clicks you’d like or if you’re not seeing any movement on your ads, change them immediately.)

You might also consider things like, “Take advantage of this offer now. Mention ‘SUMMER’ to your cashier for a 10% discount!” Giving your audience a call to action might alleviate your need to ask the question every single time someone walks through the door.

Wading through all of your options can be daunting. We know that. So, if we can be of help, let us know!

Written by Danita Maldonado, Director of Social Media, SDB Creative Group

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Is your company on Facebook or Twitter? Are you curious how your time and resources are being used on Social Media Marketing? You’re not alone!

Social Media & Digital Marketing are the fastest growing sectors of advertising at the moment and having a clear, concise goal for these assets is imperative.

When you start your social media marketing, you must think of:

  • WHO will maintain your social voice?
  • WHAT do I expect to get out of social media?
  • HOW will you convert fans to money?
  • WHEN is the optimal time to make posts?
  • WHERE can I find qualified fans?

WHO will maintain your social voice?

Handing over the reins of your social media marketing should be hard. You are entrusting someone with the identity of your company. They are going to be responsible for creating and fostering a community of brand enthusiasts.

When you make the decision of WHOM, you MUST make sure that this person is very well aware of your current marketing efforts so that all mediums are consistent with each other. Then, they must be able to create engaging and consistent content. If you’re online and there is no movement, you might as well just log off. The more your brand sits there with no content or incentives, the bigger the chance for people to unlike your page and move on to someone who actually communicates with them.

Giving someone control of your social media marketing is giving someone control of a 24/7/365 advertisement for your company. WHO is knowledgeable enough about your business to be given this amount of responsibility?

WHAT do I expect to get out of social media?

If you jump in to social media marketing without thinking through your goal, you will be wasting valuable time. When speaking with clients, we ask for clear, succinct goals for their social media. Telling us that you want more fans is a given. Everyone wants more fans. But telling us that you’d like to sell 10% more of your product this month compared to last month is even clearer to us.

Knowing what you want your end result to be will help determine the kind of strategy to implement. If you want to sell more this month, your posts should reflect that – more posts about the product, pricing points on the product, information about the product, etc.

To that end, whatever you’re expecting out of social media will only be received by what you put in to social media. If your posts are nonchalant and off-topic, don’t expect to meet your goal.

PS. Don’t forget to let the person who’s handling your profiles also know what your monthly goals will be.

HOW will you convert fans to money?

Unfortunately, while social media is a 24/7/365 advertisement, it doesn’t always mean that people will flock to you to buy what you’re selling. Like with any form of advertising, consistency is going to be the key.

Fans have liked or followed your company for a reason. You’ve given them some kind of incentive to be a fan. Because of this, you must continue to hammer home your company name, products and services. The more consistent you are, the more you will be on the top of people’s minds when it comes time to buy what you have to offer.

Facebook received a lot of scrutiny recently when GM decided to pull all of their Facebook marketing budget. Claiming that the money would be allotted elsewhere because social media wasn’t ‘selling cars’ was a big eye-opener for the rest of the Facebook Advertising world.

While it may be hard to track exactly how many people bought a car directly related to any Facebook Advertising, it’s more than obvious that the marketing they put in place online was designed  to work directly with traditional advertising – TV commercials, radio commercials, print ads, etc.

Maybe GM forgot that social media was meant to be SOCIAL. The more people hear and see the product you’re selling, the more apt they will be to buy in the future and if you’re being social in the process, the more willing they’ll be to buy from you BECAUSE of your social-ness.

WHEN is the optimal time to make posts?

This has been the golden question for a while now and just like any advertising that’s done for any client, the optimal posting time for every single business is going to be different. Learning what time is going to be the best time to post is going to take some time to figure out.

Utilizing your Facebook page statistics will be the key. By analyzing data, you’ll be able to see which posts are creating the most engagement, which posts are being seen the most, which posts resonate with your potential clients the most, etc.

When you initially start your social media marketing, you’re literally creating a community from scratch. Since that’s the case, you will want to post at various times of the day in order to figure out what is working for you and what isn’t. This also works for businesses that’ve got a great presence online. It’s never too late to monitor what works and what doesn’t.

Recently, Buddy Media, a social media marketing suite that was bought by, put out a study:  Strategies for Effective Facebook Wall Posts: A Statistical Review. In this study, they consistently remind businesses that every company is going to be different and figuring out your own optimal posting times will take some time, but they do offer some very interesting insights by industry. Take a look at a few of them below:

Entertainment Industry: Don’t overlook the weekends! With mobile usage growing, many of this industry’s target customers are extremely active on Saturday & Sunday.

Media Industry: Stay away from Mondays!

Retail Industry: Take a look at Sunday; think twice before posting on a Friday.

Automotive Industry: Sunday is your friend!

Business & Finance Industry: Engagement peeks mid-week.

Food & Beverage Industry: Engagement high mid-week and Saturday.

Healthcare & Beauty Industry: Look at Thursday!

Sports Industry: Post more on Sunday!

Travel & Hospitality: Look towards the end of the week.

In addition to this industry breakdown, Buddy Media also stresses the importance of creating short and engaging content while also creating concise calls to action. Don’t forget to include words like: Click here, LIKE us, Follow us, Call us, Stop by, submit, share, comment. You’d be surprised what people will do if you ask them to!

WHERE can I find qualified fans?

Our recent blog post, 3 Steps to Better Facebook Fans, and our subsequent webinar, delved into this topic at length. You can read that blog here.

In a nutshell, you must give fans some kind of incentive to LIKE your page. Use things like coupons, specials, giveaways, etc., to entice people to your page. Once they are fans, it’s up to you to keep them!

Facebook ads are another great way to target your specific demographic. With the wealth of user information, Facebook can offer some really great options when advertising. Pricing is open and based on your budget and can be bought on a pay-per-click or pay-per-impression pricing scale. We’ll be offering an in-depth webinar about Facebook ads in the future, so be on the lookout for that.

Finally, cross-promoting can help you find more qualified fans. If your advertising is consistent, your TV commercials should be highlighting your website which should highlight your Facebook page which should in-turn highlight everything else. Adding your pages to store receipts, posters, business cards, brochures, websites, commercials, etc., gives your core customers the opportunity to find you online.

By taking all of the above into consideration, you’ll have a better idea of how your social media marketing is working for you. Just remember that this is one piece of advertising that will stick around after 30-seconds. People can come back to your page at any point in time to see what you have to offer. What will they see?

Written by Danita Maldonado, Director of Social Media, SDB Creative Group

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SDB Creative Group is a full-service marketing and advertising firm. For more information about SDB Creative Group, check out our website:

SDB Creative Group. Focused on your success. Empowering your future.

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