Put your message in your customers’ shoes

May 29, 2012

Which message is more likely to get a response?

Message A – “We’re XYZ company!  We have the best products!  You should buy from us!  Everyone else isn’t as good as us!  Buy from us!

Message B- “Over 50% of your advertising dollars are wasted, poured down the drain every year.  Are you tired of the waste?  One, simple change could change that.”

Message B is obviously more appealing.  It identifies pain, and it teases the solution.  It doesn’t say anything about XYZ company.  It doesn’t say anything about XYZ’s products or services.  It doesn’t say anything about XYZ’s competitors.  It appeals directly to the consumers senses.

It is estimated that each one of us is exposed to over 35,000 messages every day.  That’s more messages than people were exposed to in a year in the early 1900s.  Email, Facebook, Twitter, television, radio, billboards, texts.  They all add up, and create a TON of clutter for advertisers to get their message through.  More than ever your advertising message must be perfect, or your money is wasted.

The good news for you is that most companies continue to believe in the “chest beating” message.  “Hi!  We’re here!  We’re Open!  Buy from us!”  If you will put your message in the buyer’s shoes, it will go a lot farther.  It will put you ahead of your competition.  It will keep you from throwing 50% of your advertising dollars away.

The question is, “Can you keep from not talking about yourself?”  It’s hard, but the best are able to.  The sweetest words anyone ever hears are their own.  Just remember your customer wants to hear about them, their problems, their pain.  You have two ears and one mouth.  Use those in direct proportion to deliver your message, and you will see amazing results.


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