Our marketing must (#6) this week is Public Relations. What is public relations? It can include press releases, getting articles written for or about you. It can be events, such as trade shows, parties or benefits for your clients. It also includes networking with trade associations and community groups – Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, Toastmasters, etc.

Most companies do not have a public relations effort, but it’s not hard to put together a highly effective, cohesive one. It can work miracles for building your brand and fame, especially with the prominence of the internet.

One story on the news or article in the paper can propel your name forward overnight, compared to a regular advertising campaign that takes several months to mature.

Some statistics show that over 80% of news is placed. Think about how many real news days there are in west Texas. Not many. Take advantage of this by helping the reporters do their job, and at the same time build your brand.

Shane Boring
shane [at] sdbcreativegroup dot com

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